Self-inquiry to your True-self

A deep self inquiry you really need it right now.

Do you see the oneness in all the things that are arising in your world right now? Are you seeing a perfect reflection of your inner-world and outer-world? If yes, then how much time you need to realise that you are influencing your world all the time. Your ignorance is because of your ego, your thoughts that procrastinate, that deny the change you are just realising in every now. You are tiring yourself in this journey when you are one with your ego. You are just fulfilling the temporary self of yours which is always unstable. Which is only there to tire and make you seek happiness in everything but you. But the real fulfilment lies in realising who you truly are. Many people don’t actually understand when I speak of terms “I” or “True-self” so let’s dig in deep and enquire.

Ask yourself these questions and pause before you go to next question. There is no urgency or rushing required here. The rushing is because of the ego that is so active in you. If you feel that, then take a break until you feel calm and get back to this mail and continue where you left.

Iam going to share with you the most profound realisation you can ever receive. It will liberate you in such a deep way that you will be eternal and not even death can scare you. I will share the knowledge that will take you closer to the only absolute truth of your existence. It separates you from who you are not. It transcends you to some different dimension where everything is bliss. Even if you got a glimpse of it after reading this mail and are not able to sustain that, don’t worry. You will be soon lead to the path where you are only coming closer to the truth, only coming to the home where you always reside. It’s just matter of time that the bulb I just lit in you that converts into a flame. So let’s start.

When I ask you, “Who are you?” What will be your answer? 

No matter what your answer is, can you sit back and notice the movements that happened in you, when you inquired about that question?

Did any thought arise? Or it was just blank for a moment until you enquired and started searching for answers?

Who is the one that is inquiring? Who is the one that is finding answers? And from where? Who is understanding? Is it your mind? Your thoughts? Or your assumptions? 

So are you your thoughts and assumptions? Are you just set of beliefs and perceptions? 

If you are just that, then who is the one the one who notices them? The watcher of perceptions and beliefs you already have?

Because if you are only your beliefs and perceptions then you must be only limited to that, you wouldn’t be able to notice them, you would be already that.

So there must be something beyond your beliefs and perceptions who is aware of them. Who is that?

Look around, there is no entity as an awareness but just the awareness itself. There is no observer, there is just being observed. Everything you see in your world is seen, and that space which allows everything to be, is who you truly are.

I’m pointing you towards direct experiencing and not an understanding.

We cannot define that, but it is very sense of your being. It is the reason for your existence, yet it hidden and not seen. It’s Awareness. Not even your Awareness, because when you say ‘your’ you make it personal as if it is subjected to some entity. But no, everything that’s there and existing is Awareness and that’s you!

Let me correct you. Awareness is not the one desiring. It is just wanting to be free from all the things which it is not. That is your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. What is left when you go beyond your thoughts and perceptions? What remains when there is nothing? And nothing is observing. And what it is observing is life itself and thats you. That is why we say, you are everything yet nothing.

If you are happy and content objectively, then you are living in a illusion, seeing fulfilment in things of this physical world. It is just matter of time when you feel you are not happy again and go in search of happiness again. Who is the one that is longing for happiness? To be free? To be finally happy? And you fulfil it with the worldly things and desires only to feel void again. You need to understand the ultimate search of your happiness ends when you realise who you truly are. That’s the real contentment of life. Your temporary desires though fulfil you for sometime because you get a sense of stillness at least for sometime when you are with them. At least for sometime, you feel yes I have done it, only to feel the lack again. Because you fail to understand the fulfilment lies in stillness of this moment and not in the desires you seek. You delude yourself to be only human so you seek fulfilment in the world. But why’s that soon after you get your desires, you get back to fill that void again? What is that void that can never be fulfilled no matter what you get and have in this world? Who is that you are trying to fulfil? is it your body? Or your soul? If it is your body, then why are you not content when you have your manifestation? What is left in you when you fail to describe yourself in words? You are still alive, existing and very much alive. What is left behind when everything has left?

Just you. Breathing. Very much alive. That beingness is just pure bliss you are experiencing in every now, but you ignore it so blantly. You have taken yourself to be everything but ignored the one who was actually driving it. That life that takes form in everything, that’s you. But you take the life situation or experience to be you. 

Your human body is perfect instrument to play the music of life. But you have considered the instrument itself for life. Your body is perfect expression of what actually is alive in you. Whatever you are aware of, is what the expression of life you will experience. Your body doesn’t dictate your experiences, it is you- the awareness that holds space for these experiences to happen. And we take the experiences to define ourself. Can Awareness be defined in anyway atal? If it can be defined in words, then trust me it is not awareness. It has already become an entity. Awareness doesn’t have any identity. But we humans have an identity. Awareness is no “entity’ so no “id entity”. When nothing remains, that is where everything is. The Awareness, The IAM

When you are desiring something, then it is coming from a more deeper place than your conscious mind. That inspiration is coming from the source. When you desire it, you are already that. Its already fulfilled. You then are being the Awareness of this moment. But what happens when you cannot accept your desires? Conflicts. The conflict is because it contradicts to your current beliefs and perceptions. You then try and make-up something from your ego to have temporary pleasures. As in settle for less or temporary amusement. This is just like a band aid for some deeper wound that needs healing. Iam not talking about desires atal. Iam talking about the conflicts that has arisen because of your ego. The false-self. Because our true nature is to be in bliss, it is love. When you are not in bliss, that means you have thoughts and beliefs are in contradictory to your bliss. Your soul that yearns to be awakened, to be known by you and make you realise of your true-self. Our desires come from much higher space in order to lead us to our realisation. They in themselves are automatically fulfilled in our lives, its we who block the path because of our beliefs and perceptions, which is nothing but our ego/ false-self. You have these beliefs because you think you are those beliefs which is just the ego. What remains when there is no ego? Pure Awareness. Pure fulfilment in everything you have right now. When you are identified with the awareness you are, all your humanly desires are automatically fulfilled. When you try to have the desires to define yourself or get a sense of yourself in them, then you are having a conflict, because you are playing the ego and not being the Awareness you are.

What is the way of Awareness? Whatever that is happening to you as in a human expression. Awareness is just aware of it and in no way it is attached to it. No matter whether it is good or bad, Awareness is just aware if that. When you get affected, attached or obsessed-then you are being the ego. The thoughts that cause suffering- who is suffering here? Because your awareness doesn’t suffer atal. Who is suffering then? Your ego. Are you your ego? No! Then why you are suffering?

You are not experiencing suffering. Suffering is cause by ego- the false-self which doesn’t exist. You are suffering the experience. The experience called life.

Just be who you truly are and let the Ego dissolve. The suffering you go through is the cost you pay for living in unconsciousness. The ego you have built up over the years that shadows your true being. You have to pay the cost no matter what, this is what life is all about- Realising who you truly are. What remains when there is no ego? Pure bliss of this moment. And this pure bliss includes your desires. Everything that will add onto this blissfulness will be automatically added up in your life.

I have an exciting Client success story to share with you all, which I will be sharing in my next podcast. This client of mine have gone through every bad challenging thing that can go through while manifesting a desire, yet she stayed resilient. So if you aren’t following me there, please do to listen this exciting success story. Also I have an amazing “SELF-CONCEPT COURSE” that I will be launching probably by the year end. This course will cover and reshape your sense of self to manifest anything that you desire. Yes, this course is not specific, I have made sure that I made in a way to cover every desire you can ever have!! Can’t wait to launch it.

If this article helped you even in the tiniest way to get closer to your truth, i’m more than happy 🙂 Thank you so much for your time and support. I hope you all have a great day!

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