What is the true purpose that you are here in this spiritual journey?

What is the true purpose that you are here in this spiritual journey? Is it because you have some desires that you want to manifest and that is why you are here? And even if so, how do you think you are actually able to manifest your desires?

Is it through Affirmations? SATS? Other techniques? Okay! So what are these techniques doing to you, that allows you to manifest your desires? They’re just changing your mindset, the programming you have been dwelling all along, that includes your old story or old self-concept. So changing thoughts can help you manifest your desires? And that’s why people cling onto techniques so that they can manifest their desires?

Yes and no. Because, yes on one level we can say that thoughts create our reality and it’s essential to have a good positive mindset that can enhance our lifestyle, but it’s not that all thoughts creates reality. You may have ‘n’ number of thoughts and not all of them manifest, why? If you believe thoughts create reality then, they had to manifest some or the other way in your world right? Hence, we can say that thoughts doesn’t create reality, but the Awareness you have in the moment is what constitutes the reality.

It doesn’t matter how many thoughts you have in a moment or if you have really bad mindset. It can only threaten you when you believe “Thoughts create reality” and hence you are in a quest, where you do not allow any negative thought to survive in your mind, and even if it does you instantly replace it with something positive with the help of techniques that are used to control your mind.

Doing this, it may allow your desires to manifest but with cost of your effort and constant re-programming you are doing, to control your mind activity. A great deal of burden can be off your shoulder, when you realize you don’t have to put any effort to manifest what you want. Effort means control. But we have been manifesting naturally and effortlessly throughout our life, why it has to be any different now when you are conscious that you are the creator now?

You need to realize the true purpose you are in this spiritual journey is because you believe there is some power in you, that can actually get you what you want, but you have mistakenly considered that power is your brain. Not denying, our brain is most amazing and wonderful tool that has potential of endless creativity, but it is not responsible for the creation of our reality. Yes! It is most essential part through which reality is created, but it alone is not responsible for creation. It is just a tool that generates thoughts, that too based on the programming it was exposed to, through-out the years.

There is something more powerful than brain, infact! Most powerful than any entity in the universe. That is your True-self, which you can call as Observer, Awareness, Consciousness, Higher-self etc. All these terms points to the same source which is your true essence and through which every single thing in your world is getting its place. It has been responsible for the changes happening in your world all along, it’s just that-right in this moment you have realized that it was the source all along.

The true essence of you which is this Observer is what you always are-it’s just that most of the times it is obscured by the thinking. In this moment, if there are no thoughts, who are you? You are just this BEING. The presence. The life.

Our desires play a very vital role in our spiritual journey, infact they are the reason why we are here. It’s so silly if you can realize, a person without a desire is very much happier than a person who has a desire. Because the person who doesn’t have any desire have nothing to think about or work on. Whereas, the person who has a desire is in constant struggle to fulfill that desire. And that’s how we create suffering. And it is good that we create suffering. Because we can learn a lot from suffering than with nothing. And there are more chances to be Awakened as you suffer. Because suffering is gateway for Awakening- to realize your true-self.

So we are sent on this earth, a desire is born in us, then we are likely to suffer in quest to fulfill that desire- and through this suffering we are pushed to realize this greater dimension of ours, which is more than the human we are. And realizing the Awareness we are, we can transcend all of our suffering.

You then realize, the need is only for the human-the ego which is in us. But the true-self of yours, which is this Awareness doesn’t require any desire to fulfill it. Because being Awareness is in itself a fulfillment. It is being free from any attachments and just being and aware of the moment- the life itself. And being Awareness, you are able to be aware of all the things that are happening in your mind, hence not controlling your mind- but letting it be and understanding for what it is, that is nothing but past conditioning/ old programming. You cannot do anything to it other than seeing it with compassion. And that’s how you let go the old negative narratives that are in your mind, by letting them be and that how you release them by not resisting them. If you are resisting them, then it only tells one thing, that is how unconscious you are in this moment that you cannot see for the ego it is or the old programming it is.

However, it is another long topic to discuss on which I will be likely discussing in my next articles. But the important thing to realize here is the true source of the creation. That is your Awareness. Whatever you hold into your awareness is what your world will reflect. It doesn’t matter how many thoughts you have, whether they are good or bad. The only thing that matters is what are you holding into your Awareness now? What are you sending to the creation now? 🙂

9 thoughts on “What is the true purpose that you are here in this spiritual journey?”

  1. Amazing post, its summary is that what you are aware of , you manifest
    Your good or bad thoughts doesn’t manifest , my question is that what is like to be aware of desire, I understand that I wish to know from your perspective

    1. Dear Shilpa,

      Thank you for your correspondence! Being aware of your desire is nothing but knowing that it is the ultimate truth of your reality! ❤️

  2. Hi Zeba, I love your content! You explain things really well.

    I do have 3 questions, how does specific desires manifest if I am living in the present moment, not having any thoughts or just letting any thoughts I have flow through me without judgement/reaction/attachment, because my awareness/focus is on what I am doing or the task at hand right now?

    Example Question 1: If right now, I am sitting here applying for jobs my attention is on that task writing cover letters, etc., but instead of feeling negative or frustrated about this, I can change my feelings and feel as though I am already working or that I’m doing this just as a formality because I know a job is quickly coming my way so no need to worry, is that what you mean?

    Example Question 2: If right now, I am sitting here applying for jobs my attention is on the task at hand of writing cover letters, etc., so how would my loving relationship ever manifest if I am only ever focused on the task at hand?

    I learn best by examples. I hope my questions make sense.

    Thanks so much in advance for answering! I’m looking forward to your next article.

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