Realize to the true-self you are.

In ancient mythology, the phoenix is a bird that, when it nears the end of its life, bursts into flames and is reduced to ashes. From those ashes, a new, stronger phoenix emerges. This story symbolizes the idea that sometimes, we must undergo a complete transformation or even face adversity to find our true selves. From the ashes of our past selves, we can rise a new, wiser and more resilient self.

Like a Phoenix, burn your ego to the ashes and Realise your true-self.

We are no less than a phoenix, the challenges might be different from what Phoenix go through in it’s life while compared to us, but the teaching remains the same. There is a great insight to be learned from the life of a Phoenix. When the bird bursts into flames, it feels like- this is end of the world. But right there, in that very moment a new life emerges. Similar to in our lives, when we are exposed to challenges of the physical reality that is total opposite of what we desire, it seems like nothing is working out, everything is going off-road. But right there, in that very moment, there is a glimpse of your true-self shown to you, awaiting for you to fully confront it. In that struggle, in that pain, in that agony- you are pushed to confront your true-self. You can feel it even amidst your pain. There is something in you, which doesn’t feel the pain. Yes, you as human is the basic to live on earth. But you go through challenges in your life and suffer only to realize there is more than just you being human.

Being in bliss is the natural way to live as a human. To live in bliss doesn’t mean, to have all the luxuries in the world, to have that perfect partner, to have the freedom to do whatever you want, to achieve some status in life. Yes, if these are your desires, then these are just side-effects of what comes out when you are being in bliss. Being in bliss or being bliss is something which naturally comes out when you are being or when you have realized your true-self. When you find your bliss in some external entity other than you, then it’s just a temporary happiness which will soon end. And as it ends, so is your happiness. So how long are you willing to go for this temporary happiness in your world?

There is nothing wrong in cherishing your desires and feeling the bliss of it. The problem arises when you are dependent on them for your bliss. When you realize your true-self –that which doesn’t feed on the desires, but feeds through the presence present in you, then you will achieve the ultimate fulfillment. Our lives have been designed in a way to give us the best lessons so that we can ignite the spark in us, which will awaken us to our true-self. Every challenge that you go through, is a gateway to get awakened. That is why we remember GOD only when we are going through some hardships and suffer in our lives. Because, that is when we are most vulnerable to make a shift and transform to our true-self.

No matter how many desires you manifest in your world, those desires are only to serve you temporary pleasures. And if you are dependent on those desires to make you feel alive and to give you happiness? Then you will forever be chasing one desire to another. The happiness doesn’t reside in the desire, but in how much that desire is connecting you with the presence that’s present in you.

  • Desire is not about the Luxury, it’s about being Limitless!
  • It is not about the Partner, it’s about being loved!
  • It is not about the Status, it’s about accepting yourself!

If you are only behind luxury to feel limitless and if it doesn’t make you feel limitless, then you will forever be manifesting luxuries just to fill your void to feel limitless. It is always a threat to you, if you lose the luxury, you are not limitless. Same with every single desire of yours. Can you see what is happening here?

You are stuck in a program, that needs validation for making you feel all the qualities you want to feel. But who is it that is telling so? Are you telling yourself? Is this voice in your head? Do you believe you the voice in your head? No my friend! You are not the voice in your head. You the one who is observing it, listening to it. The voice in your head is the ego, the program you have been developed with. And that program always sees you unfulfilled, and you are here manifesting and facing so many challenges just to feed your EGO? It is a bottomless pit, it never is fulfilled no matter how much you feed the EGO. Even if you manifest ‘n’ number of desires, it wants more! It sees you unfulfilled even then.

So here’s a chance for you to snap back and pause, take a deep breath and connect with the silence that’s present in you. And ask yourself, do your true-self need so on so luxury to be limitless? Does it need that person to feel fulfilled and loved? Does it need some status just to accept itself? NO! True-self doesn’t requires anything. It is perfect the way it is in its most divine way. It is everything, yet nothing.

I hope I have lit a bulb in you through this article, to get a glimpse of who you truly are. Take few moments to connect back to the silence and let the voice speak in your head. Let it speak, do not engage with it, as it eventually stops, you can feel the silence that remains, that’s the one you are awakened to. The Observer of your reality.

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