Unlock your potential as a creator, by awakening to the treasures you hold within.

Our Mission

To make you aware of the treasures within you. All you require to make your desires true is YOU, you are enough! You are everything you will all need to make your dreams come true and we are here to awaken that part of self which is infinite.

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About Us

Our mission is to make people aware of the treasures they hold within. To make them realize that the treasures they were seeking outside, was always within them and never left. We are here to make you realize that you are more than just a human being. You are the one who is aware of this human being playing a role here in this limited time in earth. We are here to make this limited time more worthful. All you require to make your desires true is YOU, you are enough! You are everything you will all need to make your dreams come true and we are here to awaken that part of self which is infinite. With the teachings of intellectual scholars Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Eckhart Tolle, Florence Scovel Shinn and more, who shared their wisdom about the truth of our existence. We are here to share wisdom on both scientific and spiritual level so that we can answer all your round abouts and provide you the best manifestation coaching.

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Customer Experience Reflection

Dear Zeba,

I would like to start off by saying I am so grateful and happy that I found you because I have been given so much clarity with your email pages! You cover every doubt or worry with a solution and remind the reader that they are the creator! I also appreciate how everything is organized into sections, so that if I need a certain sentence to read, I can find it easily. There is nothing to worry about because if you believe in everything being okay you will be okay. I feel so much lighter after reading your email and can’t wait to meditate! If there is one thing I know it is to relax in the knowing that everything will be okay and to have faith in god which is apart of me! Thank you so much!



Simar Singh

Zeba!!! What should write about you. Like what the hell do you have in you. Like you said told myself and got it out vent it all out. Told myself the new story like you said. Your example are so on point na Like you know people already everything but still you broke it in so many ways to implement it so easily Hats off to you man. To everyone reading this, she has a line mentioned that once you have a call with her, you literally have to go nowhere not even back to her She gets you out of that victim mode smoothly like swoop like a you skate on a wet floor and trust me she holds your hand so tight you will not fall

And guys moreover she does not make you feel oh what a shit thinking we have and still manage to point them and get us out. What else do you want In life Talking to her was worth every penny If you were struggling like did, like you know everything still not able to understand where to start. Been to coaches to coaches Please invest in yourself for one Last time and talk to her Its all you ever needed and will ever need. Don’t think twice. Didn’t either. Love you zeba. God bless you and thank you for giving me power back. Got this and I’m sending you my Story soon really soon.


Heyyy Zeba!! Thanks for amazing coaching session! It was really really informative and eye opening! You explained everything in depth and made me realize I’m the creator, and I hold all the damn power! Though I knew about the law earlier, but your insights on the law has been eye opening for me.

Thanks very very much!


Hey Zeba

How're you. I really wish I had found you much earlier in my life. I had an amazing experience with my second call session with you and Iam from my heart deeply thankful for its ONLY and ONLY because of you, I came out of the guilt trip was trapped in. The efforts, the pain, the patience you put in each call is commendable and every call makes many many concepts clear. I really don't have words to thank you and to tell you to what extent ZEBA You have made an impact, a difference in my life. Many success stories coming sooon.

GBU always.

Neeti Kaur

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