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Zeba is manifestation coach, mentor and a life coach with 7 years of experience as conscious creator.  She from her very childhood was a believer, who never took the answer as no. She always believed everything was possible if one have the will to make it happen, and there is no situation which is impossible. This believe hit stronger when she discovered the book “The Secret”. Acknowledging  this knowledge which was much similar to her perspective of life gave her confidence to explore more of this wisdom and expand her knowledge. Then she found Neville Goddard which hit the chord to exact precision of reality creation.

Back then, though she was a believer she had hard time gaining this knowledge and actually understanding it. She was working as a Software Engineer in one of top MNC. But discovering this knowledge lit a bulb in her, that she has more to do on this earth than just working and living life. So she quit her job and from then she has dedicated her 7 years and counting to go deeper into this knowledge and have mastered the skill in every perspective. From Law of attraction, Law of assumption, quantum mechanics to even spiritual perspective including, The Quran, Torah, Zohar and references from most ancient teachings, The Upanishads.

During these days, she used these teachings and have experimented this knowledge, laws and techniques to simple of simplest things to great hard things. She learnt from her failures and now have mastered the reality creation. She have transformed her life in every area of her life. Manifesting back her loving relationships, from healing family relationships, childhood trauma and her thriving career.

Zeba's profound, yet simple teachings have helped 1000s of people around the globe experience a state of vibrantly alive inner peace in their daily lives. Her teachings focus on the significance and power of Presence, the awakened state of consciousness, which transcends ego and discursive thinking. She sees this awakening as the essential next step in human evolution.

A few words about us for why you have to choose us.

Zeba is a practical teacher, although all the concepts are connected to your spiritual journey, she gives you a straight forward approach of how exactly reality is created without having to rely on techniques. She assures that with following her guidance you will be transformed into totally new person, and that’s when your manifestations effortlessly flow into your life.


After practicing herself throughout the years, the wisdom she has gained was experimented in every possible way and she claims that she has found the most effortless way of manifesting. She also assures that, once a person has taken a coaching from her then that person will never seek for information. Because, she claims that she puts end to your seeking and make you realize the treasure you have within.

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