How our experiences are designed in our spiritual journey to give us best lessons to awaken our true-self?

Navigating the Cosmic Tapestry of Life: Unveiling the Lessons Within.

In the intricate fabric of our existence, every experience is a thread carefully woven into the cosmic tapestry of our lives. Today, we invite you to explore the profound wisdom embedded in the design of our experiences—a journey that unfolds lessons and awakens us to our true selves.

Embracing Life’s Lessons: A Cosmic Blueprint

Life, much like a masterful architect, designs each encounter to provide us with precisely the lessons we need for our growth and evolution. Whether we perceive them as challenges or blessings, every twist and turn is an opportunity to unveil deeper aspects of ourselves.

The Mirror of Reflection: Self-Discovery in Every Experience

Our experiences serve as mirrors, reflecting the facets of our being that require illumination. Through triumphs and tribulations, we discover resilience, compassion, and inner strength. Embracing these reflections nurtures a profound understanding of our true selves.

Transformative Moments: Catalysts for Spiritual Awakening

Within the ebb and flow of life, certain moments act as catalysts, propelling us further on our spiritual journey. These moments, seemingly ordinary, harbor extraordinary potential for awakening. Recognizing them as beacons of enlightenment allows us to transcend the mundane and connect with our higher selves.

The Dance of Synchronicity: Cosmic Alignment

As we navigate the cosmic dance of synchronicity, we realize that nothing is coincidental. Events unfold with divine precision, orchestrating a symphony that resonates with the rhythm of our soul’s journey. Embracing this dance allows us to align with the cosmic forces guiding us toward self-realization.

Every moment of our life is there to lead us closer to the realisation of who we truly are. We rehearse every human emotion throughout our experiences. With these some emotions become addictive or part of your norm based on the environment and behaviour you receive from your world. Our childhood experiences acts as a spine on which our life pathways are lead. The childhood experiences are the core experiences of your life, where you have developed your identity of who you truly are as a person. You therefore see yourself as not the person you are now, but the person with all the childhood attachments which defines your identity. You feel this because of your subconscious beliefs and programming. When you were a newly born, it was like your personality was a blank canvas. As you grew up, the personality was simultaneously building up through your parents, family and environment you grew up in. The blank canvas was coloured by all these people that shaped your personality, whether you liked it or not- the canvas was being coloured. It was automatic process of how your subconscious  programming was built, you had no choice but to simply surrender to life, until you became adult. That’s when you got the conscience of what are your dreams and desires and when you decided that you wanted to manifest it, experience it. Want to see how your canvas was coloured? Simple! Look at your physical reality. This how your canvas is coloured, the exact reflection of your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious beliefs and programming doesn’t bother you until, you desire for something that you never experienced. Do you know why this happens? To awaken you, to break your shell and know who you truly are. Having a desire will challenge you in many ways to release the un-serving subconscious beliefs and patterns you have been dwelling in. When you were a child, whatever you desired it was given to you by your parents by a little tantrum or a good cry. Even if the parents didn’t fulfil your desire, they could give you an emotional support and regulate your emotions by directing your attention elsewhere. But as you are an adult, when you desire for something and it is snot being fulfilled then you go through suffering. You develop different human emotions like anger, regret, frustration and more because of the void you couldn’t fulfil and that too because you sabotaged your own desire by your subconscious patterns and beliefs.

When your canvas is coloured in a specific way, you as an adult will try and reinforce the same colours and patterns in your subconscious. You maybe desiring so many different colours and patterns by looking out to different people in your world, but you can only colour from the colours you have in your subconscious. Desiring will not give or change anything until you include different colours in your subconscious. This way you can paint and colour your canvas according to your desire and the same will reflect in your physical reality. But the real challenge is how do you include these colours in your subconscious? Because the thing with subconscious mind is it likes to play it safe and doesn’t like to change. That’s when you open the gateway to realise your true-self.

The phase between the moment you desire and the suffering that is caused because of your longing for a desire is where your experiences are designed. These experiences are designed in such a way that you meet yourself in the crossroads. Either take leap of faith or stay comfortable in the same old patterns of your subconscious beliefs. You may pause reading right now and just take a look into your life experiences where you have found yourself in these situations and the way the lead you. If you had taken a leap of faith, take a look at how the experiences unfolded to give exactly what you desired. This leap of faith is guided by your intuition, a feeling that comes from your heart which you are very sure about and can’t argue on. This intuition arises in every such crossroad situation of your life, but you will only take it when you ready for it, that’s when you awaken and realise who you truly are. You realise, you are not your beliefs and thoughts, but the one who is guiding you through this intuition. If you have tired your ego enough to take the leap of faith. Some people are very intuitive and that is why it is so easy for them to take leap of faith and attain their desires. This doesn’t mean if you haven’t taken leap of faith then you will not be guided to realise your true-self. You need to understand this journey of life and we constantly evolving to our true-self doesn’t stop, its a constant process. It’s you either you swim or you will be lead to swim even more until you normalise you have to swim anyway. So, when you haven’t taken the leap of faith then it is only allowing you to experiences until you are ready, that will again bring you to the crossroads, where you are lead to take the leap of faith. So the journey towards this spiritual evolution of yours is inevitable. The sooner you realise, the more fulfilling and happy life you will lead.

This is the main purpose of we being humans, to explore our true-self and connect back to our true nature. So looking back on this entire topic we just discussed, did you find anywhere that we as adults are living something very different from how we were living as a kid? No! The only difference is, the difference of the desires we had back then to now as an adult. You were effortlessly manifesting back then as kid because your subconscious programming supported you in one or the other way. But as an adult, it seems difficult because we hold the same subconscious programming as we once had as child. 

This subconscious programming is nothing but the ego or false-self in you that pretend to be you. You can only realise this, when you take leap of faith and step into unknown and challenge your subconscious beliefs. This only happens when you awaken, awaken to the true-self you are. Well! This takes us to the end of this article and to continue this discussion in our next articles. If you would love to join our community, please subscribe to our newsletter and we will connect there. Thank you so much for being here. I hope you all have a great day.

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