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This 90 minute Transformative Energy Releasing session is for those who are dealing with lot of intense emotional baggage and trapped energies within their body. This might be because of the chronic pain or trauma you have been through either in your childhood or from some incident which had greater impact on you. In this session, we will dive deep into your trauma that is the reason for trapped emotions and release them by entering a meditative state. The guided meditation is performed in the session live according to your situation.

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In this Transformative energy releasing session will be diving deep into your childhood and the events happened in your life that had a great impact on you. We will realize the reasons on why these patterns are still part of your identity. Then, in last 30 minutes of our session, I will be perform a live guided meditation while you are laying down and are in a meditative state. This Transformative energy releasing will allow you to bring up the old energies and finally make peace with them and let them go. There will be huge energy shift in you as I perform this meditation as I will be aligning all your chakras and you will go through a Kundalini Awakening. This is very powerful and life changing. You will never see the world the same way as you had before this Transformative Energy releasing with guided meditation Session.

The guided meditation can be recorded and can be re-used. The reason this Transformative energy releasing session is powerful is because we will finally let go of all the trapped energies you have been holding onto as a part of your identity. You may have been doing this because you were unconscious of the grip the ego has in you. But with this session, we will finally confront them and let them go, to finally allow your manifestations to appear in your world effortlessly. This session maybe overwhelming for the one’s who has been dealing with chronic pain, but they will be seeing a considerable shift after this session. After that they can perform this meditation themselves or can listen to the recorded version, till the energies finally dissipate. The time it takes to let go of these energies is based on the intensity of the emotions they currently feel. However, with this transformative energy releasing session there will be lot of energy shift and you see yourself to be more free and light with whole new perspective about the world.

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  1. Shruthii

    Thankyou so much for this wonderful energy releasing session zeba, it was an amazing experience which helped me releasing my suppressed emotions and brought me in such a calm and peaceful state and you are so good at it , even you are good at every service you provide, she has helped me with my healing and understanding my true self, even i can assure you if you work with zeba you won’t be disappointed, she will bring a remarkable change in you , Thankyou so much for being such a wonderful coach and a human being 🫶❤️

    • admin

      Hey Shruti,

      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback ❤️ It was a delight to be working with you and be part of your transformative journey ❤️🙏

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