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If you are looking forward to gain clarity in choosing your career, which truly is something you subconsciously love to do and can make you effortless source of income, then this 1:1 session is for you. We will explore your patterns you have been dealing throughout your career  which are actually limiting you from manifesting your dream Career/ Money.

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In this 1:1 session which lasts for 1 hour, we will discuss and explore the ideas which you have been subconsciously holding within yourself and make you aware of how you can manifest your dream career by just realizing your true-self.  We will learn and dissolve the limitations that you have been dealing with throughout your career that was stopping you to manifest your dream Career/ Money.

The main reason that you are not having your dream career which you enjoy doing anyway and is so effortless everyday without having to force yourself to work everyday to make your living is, the unconscious beliefs and desires/ interests you still aren’t aware of yourself or haven’t confronted yourself with those ideas and put a thought on it. These interests you have might be the purpose you are here exploring this spiritual journey to unlock the gates of abundance that will help you to manifest dream Career/ Money.

Having to manifest dream career/ money is just a step away, by this 1:1 session you will gain clarity of what you truly want to build your career on and how to make an effortless source of income. Also you will be receiving a mail after 12 hours of this call, that will include everything we have explored in the call. There will also be some exercises and practices included in the mail to help you in on-going journey and allow to stay present throughout the day.


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