Customer Experience Reflection

Salina Ahmed

Zeba is an absolute gold mine. Her knowledge is comprehensive and she helps you get your faith back. You can trust her 100%. Whatever she promises you and agrees to, she will deliver. Ive spoken to a few coaches but I’ve never had trust the way I trust zeba. Thank you so much, you have given me the empowerment I needed to move forward. Before speaking to you I was unconscious that I didn’t even realise that I was already in the reality I wanted to be in. You just have a way with your words so thank you. X

Thank you for helping me trust my own ability. X

Jasleen Kaur

Hi Zeba,

It was a total pleasure talking to you. I must say the knowledge you have about your craft is awesome... am really inspired and can't wait to put in work for manifesting my desires in 3d.Thank you so much for listening out to me and understanding my concerns to the core.I am surely gonna come back to you with my success stories. And trust me every word written is real here.

Love, JK


OMG!!! Just read it! Thank you

Soo00 much!! Just by reading the affirmations and imaginal scene feel amazing and gave me a warm feeling inside! Really love it! Thank you for listening and for all of this. Will keep you posted, if you don’t mind. You are so sweet and kind! Have an incredible new year! Talk to you soon with a very with a Successful story. Much love!


Hi Zeba…. Just went through your mail. You nailed it girl! Every word reasonated with me and actually went to my imagination and lived in the moment. Also your mail helped me understand that am the only creator. There are no others. Hence, have to take the responsibility of my life. There is absolutely no point in blaming or being angry because am the one behind all the mess. Not that am blaming myself but it gave me a relief that since have done all this, now it is time to undo all of them. You are a gem! Wish you came into my life before. But its better late than never. And anyway time is an illusion right And I loved the clarity in your explanation. It made me understand how this law works and how should consciously use this to my benefit. Thank you so much for guiding me and making me realise how powerful we are. Have already put into practice everything you told me on our call. Now this mail is a bonus which will use to my advantage to the fullest.

Will practice everything you told me to do in the mail and update you on my progress. I am already a success Thank you so much Zeba. You have really brought light to my life. Wish you the best girl because you deserve it.

Parveen Kaur

Just read the whole document It is good. Felt so much peace while reading it. Might re-read it few times again to grasp everything..

Thank you so much!


Hey Zeba update from our cal.

My love because of you my sweet reflection! Am allowing so much. Realize everybody is me andI have powerful assumptions. I am aware of Abundance it has been flowing so much so since our coaching call! And Thave good habits now I made peace with my fingers lam free now thank you Zeba love you!!


Hi zeba! Read the mail, thankyou so much fr the effort and love you put in the words! The affirmations and Everything else is too good ! You explained it so clear! Thanks for reminding me AM THE POWER and Creator of my reality! My god can never fail!

Thank you!!


Want to say that I really loved this session with you. You are an amazing girl with such in depth knowledge about the law. Your explanations were crystal clear and can’t wait to put everything in practice. Infact am already feeling like a Goddess. Thank you so much for guiding me and helping me with my issue. Will definitely come up with a success story soon. I have trust in you the reason why this seems so easy to me now. Thanks a lot Zeba!


I just read the whole document It is so so good…I felt so much peace while reading it. I might re-read it few times again to grasp everything.. Thank you so much.



Zeba love, Let me just take a moment to tell U how amazing u are and how much helpful and comforting your explanations are. Felt better just by reading what u said ! Will definitely sit with myself and go deep about whatever u explained above. I am reading your reply again and again.


I would say, I HAVE IT ALL, I was so done with my situation till now but talking to her is like talking to a friend, so genuine, sweet, kind and just amazing. You know the best part of her? No BS!! Just the fundamentals which helps you to live and manifest naturally. Just love her and her guidance not a coach but a friend to me Forever grateful. Turned me from a cry baby to a happiest person. And these are not just words but, literally meant these from my heart,

You are a life saver ❤️


Hello beautiful Zeba, As soon as wrote Mrs. Pradhyumna literally got goosebumps all over but good ones. And love all these affirmations you gave me and love lovelovelove the session had with you. Will follow them and live in the end as a married women. Last session was on 28 March, where we talked about scripting SP and look on 24 may I manifested him and now Soon becoming Mrs. Seriously more than anything just love talking to you. Thank you



Zeba!!! Felt like was talking to a friend who know since ages! Thank you for explaining everything well. Entered the call with so much anxiety and left it laughing and relieved. I understood the law for the first time so easilyAA thank you so much for everything

Will always go into my imagination from now on and not be so hard on myself. Everything is under control and everything is ok.

Trina Elliot

Okay great! I really loved how structured the conversation was planned. Because of that I was able to feel confident in the discussion and how we would progress through it. Love how you use analogies that we can relate to in our everyday world. It helps to understand what seems like complex concepts at first.

Appreciate how well you listened and took notes. It helped when you were referring back to things said that may have said in the moment. Your grasp of this knowledge is very clear and powerful. That helped me to feel confident with knowing and understanding that these are the ways in which I need to reshape my thinking. The review and worksheet you provided in the end was amazing and super super wonderful, as it is giving me a recap as wel as actionable things to practice in my daily life.

Felt so much better after our session and felt that had clarity to move forward with a better outlook and understanding of myself and the world around me. My week and days have been much better as am being mindful and aware of myself and my power. My only criticism of our session would be that sometimes you speak very fast lol, and so it was hard for me to understand at those moments BUT when you slowed down it was perfect.


My apologies for my delayed reply. My son had online school today! Received it!! Beautiful email! Thank you so much!!! Yesterday I did a deep meditation where literally said the old version of me and that reality is dead! It doesn’t exist anymore. I forgave myself for making all of this and forgive him as well. Felt soooo much better and feel lighter and able to focus on me only. He has reached out and text me but haven’t responded yet lol idk what to say

He’s basically trying to start an argument but I don’t want to engage.


Hi Zeba,

Thank you so so so00 much for lastnight last minute session. I can’t express enough how appreciative. Am to have that opportunity with you. The way you used ur words made so much click. After reading ur mail, felt so goood& if anything so excited as I see & feel my desires come to fruition. I’m so excited to see it all come together & can’t wait to share with you too!

Thank you for the guidance, clarity & most of all sharing your knowledge Zeba. I am the creator of my universe Have a beautiful dayyy& will keep you posted!! Xox

Harpreet Gaba

Loved the email, I am glad found you. Iam reading it second time ans going to write down everything you said. It’s extremely great, just got it. Can’t thank you enough. You are great Zeba. Can’t wait what magic you will do when your studio is set up….. I will be coming back with my success soon.

Thanks again hun.


Thank you so much! It was really enlightening and after the session, i felt extremely light and excited for what's ahead in my future because i can see it's done already! i felt an invisible weight lifted off of me and even now i feel calm. any doubt or worry doesn't faze or cross my mind and i feel good!

Even though i've had other coaches and tried studying on my own, having a real person and voice to talk to 1:1 really was the final key i needed and made everything click! i can't explain it, i just feel so calm now ijust know everything is working out.



You have the gift of the written word and explained it so well. Thank you



What should write about you. Like what the hell do you have in you. Like you said told myself and got it out vent it all out. Told myself the new story like you said

Your example are so on point na Like you know people already everything but still you broke it in so many ways to implement it so easily Hats off to you manh. To everyone reading this, she has a line mentioned that once you have a call with her, you literally have to go nowhere not even back to her She gets you out of that victim mode smoothly like swoop like a you skate on a wet floor and trust me she holds your hand so tight you will not fall. And guys moreover she does not make you feel oh what a shit thinking we have and still manage to point them and get us out. What else do you want In life Talking to her was worth every penny If you were struggling like did, like you know everything still not able to understand where to start. Been to coaches to coaches Please invest in yourself for one Last time and talk to her Its all you ever needed and will ever need. Don’t think twice. Didn’t either.

Love you zeba!!God bless you and thank you for giving me power back. Got this and I’m sending you my success story soon really soon.


Hi Zeba,

Thank you so much for coaching me. Gotta say it. LITERALLY WAS SO AMAZING. Your words clicked me, now am in a secure state knowing that I’m the one who control everything in this reality according to my desire. I won’t give a damn abt 3D anymore. All of my desire mush show up no matter what. I am definitely gonna be ur next success story.


Hello Ma’am it was an amazing conversation with you,, I feel so positive and clear about my desire,, thank you so much … Can’t wait to share my success story with you.


Thank you I really enjoyed our phone call. After felt peaceful and started organizing my thoughts of what I need to do. It’s a process I know. But lI’m willing to make changes snd put in effort. You are a pleasure to work with an very insightful.


Heyyy Zeba!! Thanks for amazing coaching session! It was really really informative and eye opening! You explained everything in depth and made me realize I’m the creator, and I hold all the damn power! Though I knew about the law earlier, but your insights on the law has been eye opening for me. Thanks very very much! I’m already dwelling in the state being my SPs wife!

Simar Singh

Dear Zeba,

I would like to start off by saying I am so grateful and happy that I found you because I have been given so much clarity with your email pages! You cover every doubt or worry with a solution and remind the reader that they are the creator! I also appreciate how everything is organized into sections, so that if I need a certain sentence to read, I can find it easily. There is nothing to worry about because if you believe in everything being okay you will be okay. I feel so much lighter after reading your email and can’t wait to meditate! If there is one thing I know it is to relax in the knowing that everything will be okay and to have faith in god which is apart of me! Thank you so much




Omg, this document is really amazinggg. Just finished reading it. Liked the whole concept of second life from now onwards and how can heal my past in the most easiest way. See my shoulders resting already. Always heard ‘living in the end concept’ however the idea of living beyond end is something that came across for the first time. It seems fascinating, light and with ease just like how wanted to feel. Dudeee this is amazing.


Hi! Love how you saw what is holding me back and what is needed to truly live in my reality. Very well written! And how you highlighted importance of my thoughts creating my reality. You also write key things for me to ask questions about myself when thoughts start to come up and the forgiveness exercise myself for things that happened in the past.

Love the imagical acts scene it is so beautiful, I almost cried after reading it.


Thank you so much Zeba for such a wonderful session! Thank you for being so patient and kind, you truly showed how my satisfaction is what mattered to you. know I'm in a state of fear at the moment, but hope shift soon. Thank you so much.

Neeti Kaur

Hey Zeba !

Hope your doing fine !!

Making the decision of having the one to one call session from you, Trust me is one of The Finest decision I took. Omg !the way you patiently heard my story and explained each and every point ,cleared every doubt with such precision and clarity, I just have no Words to express. You actually got to the real real Core of my issue and guided me. The perspective you have given to me on the call on how to actually view and achieve my desired end is just commendable. Feel so so powerful, in control, much more confident and at peace in the knowing ITS ALREADY DONE. The Best part is you had answers to all my questions and what I have learnt from I can actually apply that knowledge to All areas of my life. The call, then the email ( customized )you sent are just life transforming. Loads of love blessings Gratitude to you Always. I mean every word of it. You Deserve this.


Omg Zeba, this is the most amazing email have ever received you are wonderful, I appreciate your time and the effort you have taken to write me this, I burst into tears when I read the affirmations and the imaginal scenes.


Thank you thank you thank you muchhhh you're so sweet I'm so blessed and grateful that you guided me. You're always on point and cleared all my doubts thank you so muchhhh. I owe youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..

Jasleen Kaur

I feel really happy that i am writing this testimonial for Zeba...and i will start by saying that she has tolerated me so much. I guess i might not have tolerated myself as much as she did.. (Tee hee ) she is a rockstar and a complete diva. I am so happy that i got in touch with her. Everytime I was low and spiralling, i would ping her and she would respond like a friend but with tough love every single time. She has made a huge contribution in my growth.. i have learnt so much from her and i would continue to do so... i remember how Iused to get panic attacks and my stomach used to churn badly bcz my mind was always taking me for a ride but the exercises zeba shared with me made a huge impact... i don't say that i am 100% anxiety free but i have made a huge progress with her help.. I got a new job in one of the best brands in the company at my desired compensation... My relationships with my family improved... have improved a lot as a person...TBH used to be amazed at her belief on me. And i made it a belief of my own that "if zeba said something, it's bound to happen!" There's only so much words can say, but i wish my adorable friend the very best in life. I just hope we meet sometime soon (at my wedding with my sp for sure).. There are some people in life that you just can't let go of and Zee is surely one of them!! Love you to moon and stars and the farthest planets and back babe....



Hey Zeba

How's you. I really wish I had found you much earlier in my life. Had an amazing experience with my second call session with you and I am from my heart deeply thankful for its ONLY and ONLY because of you, I came out of the guilt trip was trapped in. The efforts, the pain, the patience you put in each call is commendable and every call makes many many concepts clear.I really don't have words to thank you and to tell you to what extent ZEBA You have made an impact, a difference in my life. Many success stories coming sooon!! GBU always.


Hi Zeba,

How are you doing!! You are MAGIC Zeba.

Your calls, your explanation of my concerns and the laws has literally changed the way i have started looking at things. Thank you so soso much from the very depth of my heart. Zeba, remember we spoke about my friend Kiran an that I was in no contact with her from past 8 months, so the real good news is finally she called up and we both spoke. I know I manifested her call. Omg I am so so happy. I mean i had changed my old contact numbers and somehow still she managed to find me and connect with me. I simply did what you taught me on the call and in your mail and after 8 months of no contact she contacted me. I am am so so glad, to have found you as my Life coach . THANKS again and for all your coaching sessions.

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